What is it? What does it say?

Here are some of the artist explaining their photos:


By Maybelline F.

Doctors and nurses are heroes for risking their life and their families life’s, for taking care of the community. 

Nicole Penaranda

by Nicole P.

This experience make people realize they can have potentials they didn’t  even know they could have, of everything negative there is always  something positive. 


by Maybelline F.

People stay in their Houses to protect themselves, and if they need to go outside, people will be afraid because we can be victim of covid-19.


"Capture things that will make you  

           remember this event."


Photo Statements

Hasan M.
This is how we go to school now

Hasan M.


During quarantine, I planted vegetables in the back yard.

Ligia E.
All the people line up with masks to go to the store

Ligia E.

This is how my mom washes everything we buy when we go to the market

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